What to Expect


The State of Being Calm, Peaceful and Untroubled
Our goal is to provide your pet the most serene and painless euthanasia experience possible. We tailor every euthanasia appointment to meet you and your pet’s individual needs. The visit will start with a consultation and discussion of your pet’s issues. Your pet’s appointment will never be rushed and Dr. Pearce will always take the time to explain everything and to answer all of your questions. If you have any special requests or wishes regarding the visit, please let Dr. Pearce know.
If the decision to proceed with euthanasia is made, your pet will first receive a sedative/pain medication so that their final moments with you will be peaceful and free of pain and anxiety. The medication is an injection that is administered in the muscle or just under the skin. The injection can cause very minor discomfort as any injection would, however the discomfort dissipates within seconds and many pets do not seem to be bothered by the injection at all. Within 5-10 minutes your pet will become very relaxed, peaceful and sleepy. Some pets will fall asleep entirely while others will remain conscious but sedated and comfortable in your arms.
When your pet is fully sedated, Dr. Pearce will place an intravenous catheter in your pet’s leg. Your pet will be sedated and is very unlikely to be disturbed by the catheter placement at all. Catheter placement is important because it ensures that the euthanasia agent goes directly into your pet’s vein, optimizing the drug’s effects. In some instances catheter placement may not be possible depending on your pet’s medical conditions and hydration status. Dr. Pearce is very experienced and in those rare cases he will explore alternative routes to deliver the agent to the bloodstream.
The entire process will move at YOUR pace. When you are ready, your pet will receive a euthanasia agent, which is essentially an anesthetic overdose delivered via the catheter. Your loved one will feel nothing and will peacefully drift to sleep within seconds. Dr. Pearce will listen to your pet’s heart with a stethoscope and let you know when your pet has passed. Most pets peacefully pass away within 10-15 seconds after giving the euthanasia injection.
After your pet has passed, Dr. Pearce will ask you if you would like to spend some time with your pet alone. Dr. Pearce is always accommodating and patient and will give you as much time as you desire.

If you have opted for Private or Communal Cremation, Dr. Pearce will transport your pet to a licensed crematorium. For Private Cremation your pet’s remains will be hand delivered to you by Dr. Pearce (or a member of his staff) along with a complimentary Clay Paw Print and Ink Pad Print. In rare cases we may arrange another method of delivery depending on your location. For Communal Cremation Dr. Pearce will provide a complimentary Ink Pad Print by mail. For those wishing to keep their pet’s remains, take note that it is illegal to bury your pet in Maricopa County, however Dr. Pearce will not object at all to you keeping your pets remains.