During one of the hardest times in our lives, the compassion and care given by Dr. Pearce completely surpassed our expectations. Our normal vet was trying everything to save our pet, which under most circumstances is exactly what you want, but we could see she was in pain and was no longer 'herself' physically or emotionally. I didnt feel that the normal vets decisions were the best in this case, but was just sick about having to choose to put her down. So I called Serenity Pet Euthanasia. I felt there was no judgement, no guilt, just support. We spoiled her until our appointment. Then it was done in our home on her bed where she is comfortable and loved. It was peaceful. Thank you Dr. Pearce for everything! What a difficult job, but you do it with grace.Rachel M.
So saying goodbye to a pet is an emotional rollercoaster. Our shepherd of 14 years, and to put this into context a couple of our kids can't really remember life without him in it, was suffering and his quality of life wasn't great. It was time. We didn't want to stress him out anymore than we had to; so we decided no visit to the vet for him. He'd have a Big Mac, lie down next to the people he loved and pass quietly and with the same dignity he had lived his life. So we contacted Dr. Pearce. Arranged the next day, and started to spoil our boy for the last time. Dr. Pearce was amazing. Compassionate, patient, even when we were all bawling. If you love your pet, and it's time for them to move on; then I can't recommend Dr. Pearce enough. I highly recommend anyone considering this procedure, to consult Dr. Pearce. He is so compassionate and caring. We need more people in this world like Dr. Pearce. Thank you Dr. Pearce for all that you have done for us. Thank you. Arran S.
Dr. Pearce is truly amazing!!!! His compassion and love for animals is such a blessing. We had to make a difficult choice for our awesome dog"ROAMER". Roamer was a min pin rescue and came into our lives 3 years ago. He was ill from day one, but we wanted to give him every fighting chance possible and the best vet care possible. Dr. Pearce was his vet and he was so compassionate with Roamer. On September 16th, Roamer took a turn for the worst and it was very difficult to let our bundle of Joy go to heaven. We miss him dearly. During our difficult time, Dr. Pearce consulted us and explained how the procedure would work. He did not pressure us and said if we wanted to move forward we could, but take as much time as needed. After what we went through, I would not want any other Vet, except Dr. Pearce to help us with any other Pet issues. He is truly amazing and he has a beautiful soul. Not only did he comfort us, but he comforted our sweet Roamer until his final breath. Dr. Peace showed up at our door a few days later with some of the most beautiful gifts from our Roamer. He gave us clay paw prints and picture of his paw prints and a beautiful card that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. I highly recommend anyone considering this procedure, to consult Dr. Pearce. He is so compassionate and caring. We need more people in this world like Dr. Peace. Thank you Dr. Pearce for all that you have done for us. Thank you. Rod M.
What can I say... This was the first animal I've had to put down and he had been my boy since he was 7 weeks. I don't think there's a happy way to do this, but Dr Pearce absolutely made my wife and I comfortable with the whole process. Bauer was a boxer who had lived his life and need a peaceful way to go. Dr Pearce took the time to explain the process and not once did I feel like he was rushed or in it for the money. He truly made the experience as good as possible for our friend Bauer, as well as my wife and I. Hopefully when our next pup has to leave this world, Dr Pearce will still be practicing. I couldn't imagine this experience going any differently. Ryan C.
As a veterinary professional, I know exactly the kind of experience I needed for the final goodbye for my sweetheart: a chihuahua named Titan. Dr. Pearce provided exactly that. Not only did he answer all of my questions, but he simply listened. His professionalism and kindness are unmatched. Thank you, Dr. Pearce, for the peaceful evening of my final moments with my beloved Titan.Michelle C.
Dr. Pearce went above and beyond my expectations. The call was a hard one but from the time Dr. Pearce picked up the phone, we knew we were in good hands. He was able to not only perform the task at hand, but also was able to comfort us in our time of need. After everything was finished, he personally returned our dogs ashes and delivered to us a sympathy card with his had written condolences. As a nice touch we also received Smokie's paw prints framed and a couple of impressions of his paw for us to keep as a memory of a great dog. I would have no hesitation recommending his services.Steve S.
It was such a breath of fresh air to meet Dr. Pearce. When faced with a very difficult decision, he made sure that we felt and knew we were doing the best thing for our senior cat Zoey. He was extremely professional and compassionate and made sure to walk us through every step of the way. I absolutely felt so much more at ease being able to send our kitty over the rainbow bridge in her most comfortable and favorite environment, surrounded by all who loved her, home. Thank you again Dr. Pearce for your personal, kind, delivery of our precious Zoey today. It is people like you who make this process a lot more bearable. The Priest Family
Dr. Pearce was comforting and helped our sweet boy, Tank today. I had never knew that this was available for people to say goodbye with privacy and dignity to their pets. I am so thankful to Dr. Pearce for his love for animals because Tank was in great care.Sentia P.
Two weeks ago you helped us through a most difficult passage----the loss of our beloved canine, Lucas. Your compassionate handling of the procedure was more comforting than you know. We were all so grateful that you gave us the time and space that we needed with him before his passing, and that you stepped us through the process along the way. I observed how gently you handled him while wrapping him in your blue blanket, and that made me feel that you are truly a caring and compassionate man. We also appreciated the paw prints and condolence card that you sent. On behalf of my entire family I wish to express our thanks to you for making such a horrible experience bearable. We continue to adjust to Luke's absence. Buffy is doing fine in her new alpha dog role! Blessings to you and all you do for others. Leona M.
Thank you Dr. Pearce for your caring and compassion when it came time to put our sweet Roamer down. The in home euthanasia was the best way to keep him as comfortable as he could be in his final moments in a private setting. We thank you for the two plus years of care you gave Roamer, and trusted your opinion when having to make this hard decision. The paw prints were a nice touch to remember our sweet Roamer. Kerry K.
Dr. Pearce today is two weeks since you put my oldest baby to sleep. She passed peacefully and without any undue stress. Thank you for coming and taking care of her during her last hour on earth. It gives me great comfort to know she could be put to sleep at home and with such care. It has been a tough two weeks for myself, my husband, and her best friend Abby. Abby misses her but is getting use to her new brother. And, thank you for taking care of Abby who is 11. She is showing progress and that is due to your care of her. You provide a great service and I will always recommend to anyone facing the same point in their pet's life to contact you for your service. Thank you. Gail R.
Almost 2 weeks ago we had to make the hardest decision in our lives. We had to let our “son” Deuce go. He was 12 1/2 and was in so much pain. We couldn’t bare to put him in the car and take him to the vet to have him put down. He loved car rides and I just couldn’t bare do that to him. We called our vet for in home options. I wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible in his last minutes. We were second guessing ourselves right down to the wire and Dr. Pierce assured us we were doing the right thing. It was his time... if it wasn’t for him and his kind heart , voice and hands we couldn’t have done it. He left such an impact on us that we will now place the care of our other two babies under his care as well. Thank you for getting us through this unbelievably difficult time.
Dr. Pearce, your genuine tears and willingness to pray with us in his final hours reaffirmed us that using you was the right decision....Renee S.
I cannot even begin to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for Dr. Pearce. I can honestly say I dreaded the day I would have to say goodbye to my boy for 11.5 years, but never could have I imagined how peaceful, and calm it was going to end up to be. Bentley was my everything for so long and the time, love and consideration Dr. Pearce showed for him and to our family will never be forgotten. The moment he came in he brought a sense of calmness and sincere compassion. I could only wish this type of experience for everyone who has to say goodbye to their best friend. I can’t even imagine any other option after this experience. We cannot thank him enough for all that he did. The paw prints are just another amazing tribute that we will cherish always.Chelsea S.
Thank you Dr. Pearce for providing us with such comfort and compassion during our extremely difficult time. Your service is so greatly needed and the way you handle yourself and your mannerism is so appreciated. We love our black lab (Cassie) so much and miss her so very much. Thank you for bringing me her remains and it is so thoughtful of you to bring me her clay paw prints and you even framed her ink paw print for me. I will treasure those items forever and we will never forget your act of kindness in helping her pass and helping us grieve. Thank you again.Phyllis M.
This service is priceless!! I cannot thank Ryan enough for his heartfelt compassion and care when it came to putting my 13 year old Havanese Bentley to sleep. His experience as a Vet gave me comfort in my decision and his bedside manner was kind and gentile. He explained the process in detail which calmed my mind and allowed the last moments I spent with Bentley to be peaceful, as he went to sleep in his own bed in the comfort of my place with people who loved him. My family and I cannot thank Ryan enough for making the end of Bentley’s life as beautiful as the day we met him. Brian V.
After my 16 year old cat's health took a very fast turn for the worst I knew I would have to make the difficult decision to euthanize her. The thought of her final hours being spent under stress from traveling with her to a clinic and putting her down in an unfamiliar environment was unthinkable. Dr. Pearce's home visit made a difficult experience so much more bearable. The ability to hold my cat in her home, where I knew she was happy and comfortable is something I was incredibly grateful for. We know we will also be going down this road with our dog sooner, rather than later and we absolutely plan on asking Dr. Pearce to put him to rest when the time comes.Kelsey S.
Dr. Pearce made the hardest day of my life much easier! My 9 year old Great Dane was ready for a better place. Dr Pearce was so professional from start to finish and made my family and I feel like we had known him forever. He was friendly, charming, and knew exactly what to say and do to make you feel extremely comfortable. It was a tough day made easier by Dr. Pearce. Highly recommend. Charlie B.
My family and I recently had to make the awful decision to put down our 12.5 year old Rottweiler, Deuce. It is one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make in our lives. Dr. Ryan Pearce was exactly what we needed to get through the process. He was empathetic, patient and very detailed in his explanation of the entire process. He, without hesitation, joined our prayer circle as we asked for our Deucey to be accepted into heaven. Thank you Doc Ryan, and thank you God for putting the Doc in our path. Phil S.
Thank you so much for taking care of my Herbie. You are PERFECT for your job, so caring and comforting. The whole concierge vet thing is something that has been needed forever. Not having to stress your companion with the trip to the vet and just the comfort of them passing at home with you is an added value to the owner. Avoiding a sad and painful drive home after such a heart wrenching ordeal makes the roads safer too. Thank You Again, Barb B.